How to Market Your Dispensary

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As more states legalize cannabis, the competition among dispensaries is heating up. Whether you’re planning to open up a new cannabis dispensary or simply want to give your existing dispensary a boost, finding the right marketing materials is a great way to succeed. If you’re looking for tips on how to market your dispensary, we are here to help.

Let’s take a look at some of the top dispensary marketing ideas and promotional items you can use to upgrade your marketing materials. We will also share some tips to ensure you present a professional image through your cannabis dispensary marketing.

How to Market Your Dispensary
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10 Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Ideas

If you want your dispensary to grow as fast as your cannabis, here are 10 cannabis dispensary marketing ideas to help.

1. Stickers

Stickers are a great way to grab attention. Your customers can slap them on their laptop or water bottle and help spread the word about your dispensary.

2. Lip Balms

Lip balms with your company’s logo are a great piece of dispensary merch. Leave them by the cash register and they make a great impulse buy as your customers check out.

3. Lighters

It’s pretty difficult to light up your cannabis without lighters. Offering an electronic or traditional lighter with your logo makes for a great dispensary marketing idea.

4. Grinders

A grinder is used to break cannabis into smaller pieces. Offering promotional grinders as part of your dispensary marketing will give your customers an excuse to buy even more product.

5. Rolling Papers

Putting your own logo and design on rolling papers is a no-brainer for cannabis dispensary marketing. This helps put your brand at the front of customers’ minds as they see your logo every time they light up.

6. Drinkware

Drinkware can help make your dispensary part of your customers’ weekend fun. With customized can coolers and huggies featuring your logo, your name will be front and center as they enjoy a good time with their friends.

7. Magnets

Custom business card magnets are a fun, easy marketing idea. Give them to your customers to slap on their refrigerators and all their friends will see them. If you want to try a more old-school approach, traditional business cards are another option.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Everyone wants to keep their hands clean, so hand sanitizer with your company name on it is a valuable dispensary marketing idea. Stop the spread of germs and start the spread of your dispensary’s name and logo.

9. Reusable Bags

Everyone needs something to carry their cannabis home in from your dispensary, so why not put your logo on bags? It’s another simple way to give your logo legs.

10. Pens

Logo pens are a perfect fit for any dispensary. Leave them by the cash register for customers to sign their receipts and if they accidentally walk off with them, as we all do, they can help spread the word about your business. You can also sell them for a small fee!

Dispensary Marketing

Tips for Presenting a Professional Image With Your Dispensary Marketing

Although the times they are a-changin’, marijuana still has a stigma hanging over it in some circles. When it comes to cannabis, marketing was not even a thought when it was illegal everywhere. Now that more than half of the states have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use, dispensary marketing is a reality — but you want to make sure you keep it professional.

Here are three tips for presenting a professional image in your cannabis dispensary marketing efforts.

1. Use Professional Language

Your dispensary marketing needs to be persuasive and appeal to your audience, but you need to be careful about being too casual in your word choice. Using “cannabis” instead of “marijuana” or any of the many slang terms associated with it is a good start.

2. Don’t Skimp on Quality

Don’t take the do-it-yourself route when it comes to marketing. Choose high-quality graphics, logos and products so people know you are taking your business seriously.

3. Focus on the Present, Not the Past

The illicit past associated with cannabis can be overcome if you focus on the present, and show how the legal controls in place ensure a safe, high-quality product. Also, highlight all the medical benefits associated with the use of cannabis.

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